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3D Mammography

One in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Early detection is the best way to protect against breast cancer. 

That’s why at HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital we are transforming breast cancer screening and detection with the latest technology in 3D Mammography and a focus on your comfort. Our goal is to make breast health as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Instead of reviewing the breast tissue in a single, flat image, this tool folds together a series of images to create a 3D view, allowing doctors to see the tiniest details and find cancer in its earliest stages. 


Mammogram Screening Guidelines:

It is recommended that women age 40 and older have a screening mammogram every year. Screening mammography offers the best chance of finding breast cancer early. Finding breast cancer early means more treatment options and a better chance for a cure.

Recommendation guidelines may change depending on personal and family risk factors which should be discussed with your medical provider.


Transforming the Mammography Patient Experience:

Introducing the SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System

The SmartCurve™ system is available on both the Hologic 3D and 2D mammography systems used by HSHS St Anthony’s Mammography Services.


Clinically Proven to Deliver a More Comfortable Mammogram Compared to Standard Compression

With pain being the number one complaint during mammograms, this fear of pain prevents many women from making regular breast imaging appointments a priority. By avoiding scheduling a mammogram, this puts women at risk of cancer being missed, or diagnosed at a more advanced stage.

With improved comfort, the SmartCurve™ system was designed to address this challenge and provide a better experience for women during their mammograms.

2 Convenient Locations

Same team, same technology, same great service!

Mammograms are now offered at two locations for your convenience:

HSHS St. Anthony's Women's Wellness Center

Located in St. Anthony's Health Center

900 W. Temple Ave. Building B
Effingham, IL 62401
Phone: 217-347-1601

Effingham Obstetrics & Gynecology

912 N. Henrietta St.
Effingham, IL 62401

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HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital

Mammograms Save Lives

I never missed a mammogram, and that’s why I’m enjoying these moments today.  When a cyst grew into a cancer, my doctors at HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital in Effingham quickly diagnosed the cancer and provided me with treatment options.  Because of early detection and dedicated doctors, I beat cancer! 

My first mammogram changed my life. At 40 years young, I calmly went in for my first mammogram. Eight years later, I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor, thanks to early detection. Because of my mammogram, I get to have an amazing moment with my son at his high school graduation.

Expertise of Specialists

Deb's Story

A 3-D Mammogram Deb had at HSHS St. Anthony’s Women’s Wellness Center first brought attention to a suspicious area that was then identified as Stage 3 breast cancer. Collaboration with local cancer care experts allows us to bring cancer practices to patients like Deb, close to home. When you need cancer care, turn to HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital.


Our Cancer Care Physicians

Patients can be referred to these specialists by talking with their doctor or by contacting HSHS Integrated Cancer Services at HSHS St. Anthony’s at (217) 347-1601.



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